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¾" pre-finished solid hardwood flooring full-time Limited Structural Warranty

YD warrants its ¾" pre-finished solid wood flooring to be free from defects in the structure, machining, final dimension for as long as the original purchaser owns their home and maintains a normal environmental condition inside the home.


Normal environmental conditions mean maintaining a temperature of approximately 68F-72F and relative humidity of 40-60%.


YD is not responsible for any issues resulting from moisture such as but not limited to: cupping, warping, and shrinkage, twisting or buckling any issues resulting from subfloor inadequacies or failure to follow maintenance procedures. Warranty does not cover installation of obvious defective boards, installation denotes acceptance. It is the installer's responsibility to examine the products prior to installation and cull out unacceptable boards.


Seasons expansion and contraction with minor gapping in the heating season is a normal function of wood and is not considered a direct, hence not covered by this warranty.


Damage caused by pets, spiked heels, negligence insects, wet moping or non-recommended maintenance procedures, dents, scratches, or any damage due to abuse/negligence are not covered by this warranty. Gloss reduction is not considered a finish defect. Color and graining are not considered defects but are a natural character of real wood.


Full 25-Year Residential Finish Warranty

YD warrants that its UV Cured aluminum oxide finish with residential application, used under normal residential conditions, with recommended maintenance procedures will not wear through or separate from the hardwood flooring. This warranty is effective for 25 years from date of purchase.


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