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Bookkeeper (Bilingual in Chinese and English)

Currently Closed

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

  • Manage all financial transactions

  • Prepare budget forecasts

  • Preparing and filing financial documents

  • Processing payroll and tracking payroll data

  • Reconcile accounts payable and receivable

  • Ensure timely bank payments

  • Assisting with tax payments and returns

  • Report on the company’s financial health and liquidity

  • 管理所有交易记录

  • 准备预算预测

  • 准备和归档财务文件

  • 处理工资单和跟踪工资单数据

  • 核对应付账款和应收账款

  • 确保银行及时付款

  • 协助纳税和申报

  • 报告公司财务状况和流动性


  • Detail-oriented and responsible for daily tasks

  • Proficient in Office software (such as Word, Excel, etc.)

  • Candidates without relevant experience are also welcome to apply, as training will be provided

  • Fluent in both English and Chinese

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred for applicants without experience; no specific educational requirement for experienced applicants

We accept OPT/CPT and sponsorship of H-1B to outstanding candidates.

  • 注重细节,对日常工作负责

  • 熟练使用Office软件(如Word、Excel等)

  • 没有相关经验的候选人也欢迎申请,我们将提供培训

  • 精通英语和中文

  • 无经验申请者优先考虑学士学位;对于有经验的申请者没有特定的教育背景要求

我们接受 OPT/CPT 以及对优秀候选人的 H-1B 赞助。

About the Company

YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc., founded in 2006, has been specializing in hardwood flooring, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, tiles, moldings, flooring refinishing supplies, stairs, and hand railings for years, servicing companies and homes in the Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and South Jersey area, including King of Prussia, Burlington, and Cherry Hill. We have built a reputation for our home installation and refinishing. We also specialize in custom designs, builds, and installs for kitchen cabinets.

Currently Closed
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