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Current Openings


Position: Budget Analyst
Full time in Philadelphia, PA
Job Duties:
 Collaborate with managers and department heads to get an overview of costs and
benefits of business operations;
 Review operational and financial proposals submitted by managers and department
heads; evaluate the budget estimates and proposals for completeness, accuracy, and
conformance with established procedures, regulations, and organizational objectives;
 Employ cost-benefit analyses and other types of analyses to review financial requests,
assess program tradeoffs, and explore alternative funding methods;
 After the initial review and analysis process, consolidate individual departmental
budgets into the organization’s operating and capital budget summaries;
 Make effective recommendations on the utilization of funding based on quantitative
researches Submit budget recommendations for approval or rejection of funding
requests; Explain and defend recommendations to management and stakeholders;
 Use spreadsheet, database, and financial analysis software to analyze different
budgeting options and to provide accurate, up-to-date information to the management;
 Oversee the budget by reviewing reports and accounting records to determine if
allocated funds have been spent as specified; explain variations and recommending
revised procedures if deviations appear between the approved budget and actual
 Suggest improvements to increase profits, recommend spending cuts or a reallocation
of excess funds to avoid or alleviate deficits;
 Utilize financial instruments to forecast economic conditions and to make forecasts for
future budget needs and then apply to the budget control of the company’s projects.

Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration
and Management with extensive courses taken in mathematics, accounting,
economics, and statistics.

Send resume to YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc., 1900 Washington Ave, Unit E,
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Position: Digital Marketing Specialist
Full time in Philadelphia, PA
Job Duties: Analyze digital marketing trends and online traffic to help drive online
traffic with digital/webs-related marketing companies. Help to determine the company's
position in the marketplace by gathering data on similar businesses and analyzing their
prices and marketing methods. Examine and report on the google analytics annual data
and make recommendations for improvements; analyze and compare strengths and
weakness of various e-platforms; create and update daily posts for Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter in alignment with social media strategic plan; analyze and evaluate effectiveness
of digital and social media marketing strategies, success/results of marketing and sales
campaigns, promo events and pricing/keyword usage.

Requirement: Bachelor of Marketing or BBA in Marketing with three months
experience in any marketing related positions. Employer will accept internship
experience gained during college.

Send resume to YD Hardwood Floors USA Inc., 1900 Washington Ave, Unit E,
Philadelphia, PA 19146